Carol Hirschi will be back this Sunday with a new story to tell!  

In the 1700s, cookies were endowed with... almost-mystical powers.  For example: If you ate a lion cookie, you might become brave. If you ate a baby cookie, you might become pregnant...

The cookie you see pictured below is called "The Husband Tree."

It depicts women perched beneath a tree full of men hanging like fruit.

Supposedly, if you ate this cookie, you would find love - or a husband!

It was the of the 1700s!

Get offline and eat a cookie to find love!

The Husband Tree is available at the Sunday morning farmers market.  You can get them in 'spice' or 'lemon' - painted or not painted.  The Husband Tree cookie is on special this weekend for $2.50 unpainted and $3.00 painted this Sunday.

Try pairing a spice cookie with some quality coffee from "Wicked Voodoo Espresso".

True love may be just around the corner!


We just opened a NEW Sunday farmers market.

now you can enjoy Sunday Funday with us!

** Live Music, Local Food **

Our Saturday market has grown successfully the past 7 years, and now we are busting at the seams!

Opening a new market on Sundays gives an opportunity to new vendors

to grow their small businesses with little overhead.

Each market is different and has it's own 'feel.'

On Saturdays, there are 65 - 70 tents each week.

On Sundays, there are 40 - 50 tents each week.

Some vendors come on both days, but many Sunday vendors are new to our market.

We always have live music, and 

plenty of fresh produce, eggs, and locally raised meats.

Come try something new, and you might find a favorite!

Come sit at a long table with strangers, and you might make some new friends.

If you are an artisan, and are interested in becoming a vendor on Sundays, please submit

an application (found in the 'Contact Us' box on the right side of this page).

We are selective and limit categories for competition. Products must be locally grown or locally hand-crafted.

Vendors are NOT approved on a 'first-come-first-served' basis.

Do Sunday Funday at New Braunfels Farmers Market!








Questions about parking?  We're making progress!

Until the larger solution comes to fruition,

Here are some ideas...

1. The O2 Haus has generously offered to share their parking lot!

Park behind their store at 264 W. Mill Street.

Walk across Mill Street, through the Railroad Museum's parking lot,

& across San Antonio Street around the fire station.

It is only a 3 minute walk and you can stop in for some O2 on your way back!


2. Park at the OLD Chase Motorbank at

the corner of Coll St. and Castell Ave.

It is no longer in use, and the city has agreed to let us use it!


3. Park at The Convention Center.  It is a public lot.


4. Street parking is allowed on Hill Street (Behind the CO-OP).

Take Coll St. to Hill St. Be aware of the fire lane.

Comal Doughnut Company

will be making their debut this weekend.

Hand-made, kettle-fried doughnuts!

Classic Glazed

Chocolate Glazed

Organic Sprinkles

Come see Tim, a local doughnut enthusiast, at the pavilion.

Also this week - Bring $5 to benefit Family Promise of Greater NB

and let the kids paint a birdhouse.

We historically only post here once a week to let you know what's coming,

but last week was so pretty, we just had to document it here!

We are open rain or shine.

That's right, even during Hurricane Patricia, we were open.

Something special happens on rainy days because it's

The Farmers Market super-fans who will gather with us

on days like we had last week.

It truly feels like a family get-together.

If you were here, you likely enjoyed Die Fröliche Tanztruppe,

New Braunfels' German Folk Dance Troupe.

And Brian Kruckenberg put together a great 4 piece band for us....

It was a beautiful day.

Next time rain is in the forecast, come out anyway.

We have a lot of fun.

We are so sorry it did not work out for us

to have pizza last week,


We are making it up to you.  Krause's Cafe is setting up

a booth at the market making

rotisserie chicken sandwiches and

pulled pork sandwiches straight out of the roaster!

Choose your house-made sauce - whole grain mustard or barbeque.

Be sure to walk around the pavilion behind Krause's

to get one of these babies!


Have you been missing pizza at the market?

We hear ya!

Giuseppe will be coming back with his

wood fired pizza oven this week!

Watch this artisan at work and enjoy his creations....

You will find him at the pavilion this week.

Click here to see this week's map.

You can use it on Saturday to help you find your favorites.

Please do not be discouraged by the parking situation.

Negotiations are underway.... AND

The kind folks at O2Haus have generously offered to

share their lot with our shoppers.

They are located at 264 W. Mill Street.

We will have seafood this week, New Braunfels!

Texas gulf shrimp, flounder, mahi-mahi, and Matagorda Bay oysters

caught on Friday for market on Saturday! Westinghouse Seafood

Pair that with some Texas Hill Country Olive Co. oil from Dripping Springs and

some grilling sauces from Deep River Specialty Foods,

you've got a spectacularly local meal!



Bring $5 to benefit Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels and

let the kids paint a birdhouse!

First!!  We revised the recipe we posted last week.

We made the savory version on Valentine's Day and it turned out great,

BUT we added 2 Tablespoons of cornstarch to the batter,

and feel that was a good move.

If you have not made it yet, we recommend it!  The recipe has

been modified to reflect the change, so scroll to see it and give it a try!


This week, we welcome Texas Hill Country Olive Company.

They have an olive orchard in Dripping Springs.

Come this week and see what they are all about.

Get ingredients to make this quick and

easy recipe at the market on Saturday!

They are not at the market every week, but they WILL be here THIS Saturday.

(Generally you can find them here on the 2nd and 4th weekends.)

Get your shrub this week so you can have it for Superbowl Sunday.

Shrub Drinks is the cooks companion!

An ancient sipping vinegar made from fresh fruit, it can be used in

cocktails, drinks, marinades, and dressings.

Click here for a plethora of recipes!

This recipe is our current favorite...


This week the kids can paint a birdhouse!

Bring $5 to benefit Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels.

Click here to see what we post on Facebook.

We post a map every week.  You can use it to find your favorites.

Get ready for Sunday!

We suspect you will be grillin' wings, serving chips and dips,

and partaking in adult beverages this weekend!

Bring your 'A' game.

Get special ingredients from The Farmers Market!

Grab a basket of tomatoes from one of our many farmers, and

pop over to the Hair of the Dog booth for some Phydeaux's Phyxins!

You can control the heat! Blend them together for super-fresh salsa.


Make sure you stop to see Kathleen at EIEIO Farm to get some of her

special aiolis made with ingredients on her farm!  These are great as a dip

for veggies and chips!


Serve AWESOME micheladas and bloody Marys with

Madge's Fermented Bloody Mary Mix.

It's fermented, so it's healthy too!

Check out this post for a list of healthy meat options and 

get your favorite grillin' sauce from Deep River Specialty Foods.

Everything else is icing on the cake!

We've got artisan roasted coffee beans again!

This Saturday, we welcome D's Roastery from Wimberley, Texas.

Darrell has actually worked on a coffee plantation,

so he REALLY knows coffee.

Chat with him about his experience and

about his craft on Saturday.

Coming up...