December 24, 2016 Open Christmas Eve - As Usual - From 9-1

Do you think you will need to do last minute

Christmas Shopping on December 24th??

Come to the farmers market before heading to the big box store.

We can save you a headache!

We will have fresh produce, unique gifts and hand crafted

pantry items to jazz up your holiday table.

Check out our Facebook Page to see the map for this Saturday. 

Pick up these items when you come ...

Stop at the Wild Vine Canning booth and get some Green Tomato relish.

(You can sample it at the hot dog booth.  It's great on a hot dog!)

Use it on your holiday table with dried sausage from South Texas Heritage Pork

and peppered cheese from Bubba's Smoked Meats.

Mix it with some goat cheese (from Ragels Ziegenhoff) for a tasty dip.

Serve it all with Longshot wines!

You will find unique gifts on Saturday too!

Happy Holidays!

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