August 19 & 20, 2017 - Carol's Cookie of the Week - "The Husband Tree"

Carol Hirschi will be back this Sunday with a new story to tell!  

In the 1700s, cookies were endowed with... almost-mystical powers.  For example: If you ate a lion cookie, you might become brave. If you ate a baby cookie, you might become pregnant...

The cookie you see pictured below is called "The Husband Tree."

It depicts women perched beneath a tree full of men hanging like fruit.

Supposedly, if you ate this cookie, you would find love - or a husband!

It was the of the 1700s!

Get offline and eat a cookie to find love!

The Husband Tree is available at the Sunday morning farmers market.  You can get them in 'spice' or 'lemon' - painted or not painted.  The Husband Tree cookie is on special this weekend for $2.50 unpainted and $3.00 painted this Sunday.

Try pairing a spice cookie with some quality coffee from "Wicked Voodoo Espresso".

True love may be just around the corner!


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